Micro-Hero of the Week


The Red Hulk – or Rulk!  Who is he?  Does anyone even care anymore?

That’s right, folks – Rulk has been around for over a year now, and they still haven’t told readers who he is.  And, while EG doesn’t personally read the Hulk books, OG has been strung along this whole time!  Sucker!

So, this Rulk guy, whoever he is, is the red version of the Hulk.  He is tactical and conniving, and uses mammoth weapons to kill things like the Wendigo and Abomination.  And, evidently, when he gets angrier, he doesn’t get stronger like the normal Hulk… he gets hotter.


Okay, whatever.  Here is EG’s Micro of Rulk.



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2 Responses to “Micro-Hero of the Week”

  1. OG Says:

    OG has stopped reading Loeb’s Hulk due to unbearable dumbness.

    And, he is only now able to comment on any of this as he has been too stunned for the past 5 days since he found out this blog has been re-animated and only now has stopped being stunned enough to get his fingers to type word.

    I nearly cried when I saw all of these posts EG. Real tears.

    Oh, the Red Hulk is me. It’s what happens to me after reading too many comics written by Jeph Loeb.

  2. earthgbilly Says:

    Crying? Real tears? Gee, I didn’t think they were that bad!

    The Red Hulk is you?!? Wow… all this time, and Jeph Loeb’s twist is that? I mean, won’t readers be upset? I don’t even think you’ve been mentioned in the storyline, so when that big reveal comes along, I think a lot of folks are gonna go, “Huh?”

    But that does explain why when you get angry, you get hotter, baby!

    (Too much? Just askin’.)

    Oh, and, dear OG, feel free to contribute to the wonder and glory that is our blog. It doesn’t hurt. Seriously. You’ll be just fine.

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