Big Mac & Me


“Don’t worry Mac, this delicious, refreshing Coca-Cola is just the thing to revive your dying, alien parents!”

1988’s classic “Mac & Me” is famous for two things…


1)  Being a rip-off of “E.T.” (which was originally entitled “E.T. and Me”)






Well, three if you’re like me and you count it as one film in director Stewart Raffill’s 80’s trifecta of masterpieces.  (“Ice Pirates” and “Mannequin: On the Move” round out that brilliant trinity, by the way)


Anyway, the product placement, which is quite obvious in an prolonged sequence in a Sears as well as Mac the alien’s exclusive diet of Skittles and Coca-Cola, reaches it’s apex in an extended, out-of-left-field dance sequence/musical number at a McDonald’s starring Ronald McDonald and culminating with Mac (incognito as a large teddy bear) dancing on the counter and running out the door to flee evil government operatives. 


But, this isn’t just the height of product placement for this film in particular.  No, no, no.  This, dear ones, is pretty much the height of product placement for all of filmmaking history.  In fact, it gets to such a surreal and mind-shattering level that having watched the below sequence now as an adult I am more convinced than ever that this is really the work of some subversive filmmakers embittered by studio interference and sinister marketing executives that decided to turn the lemons of product placement into the lemonade of pop art. 


How else can this be explained?  What dark, shameful, behind-the-scenes story must be behind the creation of this sequence?  What horrors must have gone down on the set of “Mac and Me” the fateful day that this was shot? 


I can hardly imagine it.  But, enough of my rambling.  You watch this right now and imagine for yourself what circumstances led to this, one of humanities darkest days…


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One Response to “Big Mac & Me”

  1. earthgbilly Says:

    Egads! I just figured out who the older brother is! That’s Beans Baxter, teenaged super-spy from the early and short-lived Fox series The New Adventures of Beans Baxter! Wow… I can’t believe that information was in my head… that knowledge… I… I feel dirty, OG.

    So dirty…

    Why can’t I wash it away?!?

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