“This blog blows.”

You got that right, Darkseid.  Anyway, there aren’t going to be any new updates until next week.  Rest assured, both OG and EG are hard at work reading “Ender’s Game” – so that part of the blog hasn’t broken down yet.  Just everything else.

The first rule of writing a blog that is regularly read by others is to update it often. 

 Which means that this non-update, update is not being read by anyone.

And, that’s okay.  But, I have a new plan on how to pick up my game and will be executing it very soon.  I really will.

Until then, please enjoy the trailer for the wonder of 80’s cinema that was “Ice Pirates.”  A film I declared brilliant as a young boy and forced my poor, long-suffering father to take me to not once, but TWICE!  It’s a wonder that he still loves me…

 Well, he says he does. 

 Okay, see you all soon!


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