Please. Don’t. Suck.


Getting your hopes up.

It’s a time-honored geek tradition; one in which we never, ever learn our lesson.   

And, you know, I think that’s what’s good about us.  Sure, there’s the vocal minority of folks out there who snark and snipe at every tidbit they read or see on an upcoming project; guys that can never and will never be satisfied or happy for the sole reason that their parents never really loved them.  But, for most of us, we keep hope alive.  We actually want a film/comic/tv show to succeed in meeting or even exceeding our expectations. 

So, I’m proud to keep company with those dreamers;  proud to pull myself up and put a smile on my face time and again no matter how often George Lucas molests my inner child or the Wachowski’s punch me in the heart. 

I WILL be there for opening day of the new Indiana Jones movie because I dare to believe in a world where a man can swing across a great chasm with a bullwhip and not let go of his walker in the process.   I’ve seen the stills.  I’ve watched the trailer.  I…believe…it…will…be…good. 

And, I will likely have those hopes dashed asunder as the high, tinny cackle of executives in a dark boardroom coven somewhere in Burbank rises up amidst the sounds of cash registers dinging and the shrieks of a million nerds flailing themselves off rooftops throughout the land.

So, it is with trepidation and the nervous, giggling excitement of a teenage girl that I present these three newly released images from the forthcoming “Watchmen” movie – the Holy Grail of comic book movie adaptations; perhaps the very symbol of geek hope for all time.  This is the one we’ve been waiting for and the one that has the greatest chance of ruining our lives.  (Hello, Hyperbole.  Glad to see you made it.) 


Night Owl


Yeah, that’s the Comedian, Night Owl, and Rorschach right there and darned if it don’t look just like ’em. 

I know if you’re reading this site then you’ve no doubt seen these stills and a couple more at EVERY OTHER SITE IN THE UNIVERSE.  But, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to air my hopes publicly so that there was a place to go to mock them a year from now when this comes out.

Until such time as that happens I will be drooling over this images and waiting for “Iron Man” which is waiting in the wings to be the latest disappointment in my life. 

But, seriously, “Iron Man” is going to be awesome, right?

I mean, I hope it is.


3 Responses to “Please. Don’t. Suck.”

  1. earthgbilly Says:


    “Yeah, that’s the Comedian, Night Owl, and Rorschach right there and darned if it don’t look just like ‘em.”

    I’m going to be talking about these images in another blog, but I have to stop you here, my friend.

    The Comedian? Sure, looks nearly identical. Rorschach? Oh yeah. But, Nite Owl? Looks “just like” in the comics? Seriously?

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m not here to squash your hopes for the film. That’s what MY blog is for. I’m just saying that Nite Owl is a bit of a departure from the comics.

    (And, notice how I kept using the correct spelling of Nite Owl’s name. Over and over. Like a passive aggressive jerk.)

  2. ogreadmore Says:

    Well, you’ve got me there on NIGHT OWLE. My enthusiasm blinded me some. That said, and having reviewed NIGHT OWLE’s original look from the comics, I have to advocate for the departure they have made. If NIGHT OWLE looked in live action exactly as he does in the book I think that much of his dialouge would have been drowned out by the audiences laughter.

    Boy, I do love NIGHT OWLE though and I like the actor playing him. Looking forward to it!

  3. earthgbilly Says:

    I hate you.

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