Post-Id Notes, Ep. #1


And, since no one asked for it, here is the debut of our brand new life-altering webcomic – “Post-Id Notes.”  We regret to inform you that this cosmic tale (with albeit humble beginnings) will appear in this space every Friday.  The Steve Austin Book Club would like to sincerely apologize to any and all actual cartoonists and webcomic authors who might be passing by (including the one member of the book club who actually is a cartoonist). 

So, without further a-doo-doo, here it is… 

Post-Id #1

(If you click it, it will grow.)


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3 Responses to “Post-Id Notes, Ep. #1”

  1. Faggot59 Says:

    Transpose the above to Africa today and wonder why a whole continent was never mentioned. ,

  2. BadGirl53 Says:

    Alongside the river, an iron rod stretched from the tree off into the distance by where the river began. ,

  3. Paul Burgan Says:

    Seems like all the American Idol Judges are going to be on the show X-factor. I hope it’s correct that Paula Abdul is going to team up with on X factor. They always seemed like a winning combo. They totally balance each other out and and even though they might don’t really like each other I bet audiences will want to see them on the same show together.

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