Did this really exist?


I’ve gone eighteen years without knowing that this happened…

Frankly, stumbling onto this little sixty second A-bomb of cinematic genius has shaken me to my core.  We can’t know how the smallest things will change our lives; the chance encounters, the random occurrences, the missed opportunities. 

What would have happened had I seen this cartoon when it originally debuted?   Is there an alternate universe where a 14-year-old version of me watched all five of the episodes that aired of this cartoon, had his mind so thoroughly and irreparably blown, and then decided to leave behind the world of technology to become a militant vegan environmentalist or, dare I say it, a Troggs groupie?    

We can never know. 

What if the book depository had been shut down for fumigation that cold November day back in ’63?  What if the recipe for New Coke was made with 95% fructose in its corn syrup instead of 90?  What if DJ Jazzy Jeff had been cast in “Independence Day” instead? 

These are all impossible questions to answer but ones that keep philosophers and J. Michael Straczynksi in business and send me into long, dark nights of soul-searching on You Tube.  

I don’t know what would have happened then.  I can only tell you what has happened now that I’ve seen this today at nearly 32 years of age with a family, a mortgage and a stalled career… 

I’m going to try to get more fiber in my diet.


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3 Responses to “Did this really exist?”

  1. earthgbilly Says:

    I actually do remember this cartoon… likely due to the catchy theme song. Actually, I remember it because of the toys. There were about 24 different versions of Swampy, and they were pretty much all green and brown. Ooh, and he had a vehicle. What was it? Bog Roller? Something like that. Yep, good times.

    And, in that alternate world where you saw the cartoon and became the militant vegan environmentalist, the third Batman film (Batman Forever), starred Michael Keaton as Batman, Robin Williams as the Riddler, Billy Dee Williams as Two Face, and introduced Marlon Wayans as the street-wise, smart-mouthed Robin.

    And the movie failed miserably.

    Let’s not visit that world. Ever.

  2. ogreadmore Says:

    I bow to your superior memory! A follow up Google search produced this…


    It was a Bog-Rover apparently. Close enough recall though for 18 years later! Wow! What bit of important personal info did you have to discard to retain that piece of information?

    By the way, there’s an even worse alternate universe in which a film called “Batman & Robin” was made where all the characters had nipples molded into their suits, the future governor of California played Mr. Freeze and Alicia Silverstone was Bat Girl.

    Gives me the shudders just thinking about it.

  3. soundboy Says:

    Dj Jazzy Jeff in independence day = Mars Attacks only with a black guy.

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