I just crapped my pants and then my crap crapped its own pants too!


First of all, I’m not the world’s best blogger…yet. 

The Steve Austin Book Club was intended for daily updates; a meager aim that has apparently been out of my feeble grasp as of late.  Well folks, I’m going to correct that and I’m going to do it right now!   

And, not just for me and my pitiable need to be heard.  And, not just for Earth G Billy and the covenant I made with him when he joined this effort here. (By the way, Earth G is kickin’ it daily without even breaking a sweat over here:  www.earthgbilly.wordpress.com  

No, most of all, I’m doing it for you – all 3 of our readers!  So hang tight, keep me honest, and look forward to a daily dose of dorkiness from here on out! 

Now, with that pathetic, protracted, prevaricating preamble out of the way, let’s make with the goods and what prompted the bold if scatological subject heading above… 

I just watched a trailer at one of my new favorite places on the intertube,  www.io9.com, and it has shredded my brain-case into a million shards of boney shrapnel.   

Here is all you need to know: 

Joel Hodgson of MST3K fame is making fun of movies again in silhouette with all his old buddies.  No, there aren’t any robots this time.  But to the pure of heart, does that really matter?   

This is happening.  It is real.  Don’t believe me? 

Look at this great big gob of genius right here…

Well,  I don’t know about you folks, but my kids are gonna be eating a couple less meals this week as I dig out the requisite funds to buy this thing on DVD right now. 

And Earth GB, when you get out here for ComiCon this summer you better believe we’re gonna burn deep new grooves in this disc with the amount of playtime it’s gonna get! 

Yee haw! 

This must be what all those Maude fans felt like when they first saw the ads for “Golden Girls” during those summer re-runs of “Murder She Wrote” back in ’85.   

Thank you for being a friend, indeed!! 

Alright truth-seekers – ‘til tomorrow then!

 And coming really soon:  Reviews of “The Wire (seasons 1&2),” “Essex County Vol. 1,” “King of Kong,” that new Terminator TV show, and, of all things, a webcomic!  I’ll also be introducing a couple of new regular columns and writing a lament for the late, great Boblo Island. 


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One Response to “I just crapped my pants and then my crap crapped its own pants too!”

  1. earthgbilly Says:

    You know, I knew this was coming, but I never really dreamed it would be this good. Man, I’ve missed MST3K… and, speaking as a member of the MST3K Information Club (yeah, I’m one that actually joined!), this hits all the right spots. If you are still jonesing for more of that classic MST3K feel, though, you should check out the RiffTrax clips (with Mike Nelson) over on YouTube!

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