Roaming through the night to find my place in this world…


You know, I’ve been wondering about my purpose here on the Steve Austin Book Club Blog.  Oh, I know about the whole reading and reviewing of the monthly book, and I’ve enjoyed throwing in the snide remark in the comment section to OG’s posts… and, yet, I wonder that there isn’t something more I’m meant to do.

Maybe I’m the generally quiet and refined half of this buddy-cop relationship with OG… the one that when they think of OG and EG, they think of me as the Ed McMahon to his Johnny Carson (wow, look at me showing my age with that comparison).

If that is indeed my place, I shall take up that banner happily.

But I do intend to participate at least a little bit.

Like today.

I love finding random yet delightfully out of context comic book images on the net.  Like this one:

Who can blame Supes, really?  I mean, she just kept going on and on and on…

Why am I never considered the leader of the Justice League?  Why didn’t Superman give me a chunk of Kryptonite in case he ever went nuts?  Why can’t I have cool gadgets like Batman?  Why do Batman and Superman get to star in a combined 38 books a month while I only get one that has trouble coming out on time?  Why do Batman and Superman get movie franchises while I haven’t had a movie in over 20 years?  Why don’t I get to wear pants?


I mean, someone had to do it.  Superman clearly didn’t want to, but that voice of hers just starts grinding on every last nerve.

C’mon, people.  Next thing you know, Diana would have gotten on some soapbox about getting equal pay with the guys in the League.


EG, Out!

(The participants of this blog in no way condone the smacking of women in the back of the head, regardless of how much they prattle on.)

(The participants of this blog in no way mean to imply that women prattle on and on, especially about how they are somehow discriminated against by society.)

(The participants of this blog in no way mean to belittle the plight of the female in society.  It is just a joke.  If you can’t laugh it off, then you probably deserve to have Superman come along and KLUDD you upside the back of your head, too.)

(Unless you are a woman.  That would be wrong.)


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